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鈥淚 got up and made a copy of this letter ... but on fixing my eyes on the letters in white ink on black paper ... I saw them disappear. I recognised in this phenomenon a chemical preparation by which the mysterious characters would become absorbed after a certain time.鈥 [101]

Returning at one o鈥檆lock one morning from some theatricals at the Princess Menzikoff, she was met by Mme. Charot in consternation announcing that she had been robbed by her German servant of 35,000 francs, that the lad had tried to throw suspicion upon a Russian, but the money having been found upon him he had been arrested by the police, who had taken all the money as a proof, having first counted the gold pieces..
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With the fall of the Empire departed her pension and all assistance from the Government..
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TWO years after her marriage the Duchesse d鈥橝yen had a son who, to her great grief, lived only a few months, and whose death was followed by the birth of Louise, called Mlle. de Noailles, Adrienne Mlle. d鈥橝yen, Th茅r猫se Mlle. d鈥橢pernon, Pauline Mlle. de Maintenon, and Rosalie Mlle. de Montclar..

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